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Stroller Cover / Summer Towel | Waffle Cotton

Stroller Cover / Summer Towel | Waffle Cotton

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Made with 100% cotton and woven in waffle formation, these cotton wraps are a great addition to your child's time in the stroller or can double up as a quick drying cloth after a bath, at the pool. They absorb water fast and leave your child's skin soft. 

Shade up from the harsh sun or just let them wrap around and get dry in minutes

Features: Quick dry and very light and small size to carry | Colours come from natural sources like plants and seeds | Comes in cute prints 

Size: 75 cm x 130 cm 

Great for: Babies and Kids upto 3-4 years old, stroller covers, beach days, swimming pools, mud rooms

Note: All our products are made with natural colours and natural fabric so they are great for your little ones and equally good for our planet. Hand block printed and sewn by artisans, they are sustainable, earth approved and ethically sourced

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