Our story


My name is Rupal and I started Bombay Artisans in 2023 (a rename of my previous brand Good Motifs) to support and promote handicrafts 'made in India'. 

I live in Melbourne with my husband and son. I worked in corporate jobs for over 15 years before pursuing my own dream - having my own business but more than that, being involved in something more rewarding and sustainable. 

Bombay Artisans was my answer where I work closely with many artisans or their employers in India who hand make the products I source and bring them to you. At times, I take part in the design process but most often their process and creativity is so beautiful, all I need to do is my bit - which is taking it further to final customers or appreciators of the craft. 

And making 'made in India' brand a feeling of pride and quality. For many years and when we were growing up, 'made in India' was not considered the best and it was very tough for handicraft artisans to promote their art outside of their local reach. My goal is to bring some of the most beautiful craft from different parts of India to you in Australia. These handicrafts are not available everywhere and some of them are very local to where they are made. 

The other motivation for me to have launched Bombay Artisans is to engage in and drive sustainable conversations and products. Each product we have is sustainably sourced and made with natural materials that are not harmful to us or our planet. 

Some of our products are also upcycled to use the waste left from making other products for e.g. the Kantha patchwork bags (see under Accessories). 

I firmly believe we are at the cusp of an era that will reverse industrialisation but only if we stick to the ways and means of sustainable living. Our kids and future generations are aware how much harm has been done to our earth so far and it is high time we live sustainably which means what we eat, wear, drive, how we trash, sow, use matters. 

So come along and join me on this journey where we do our bit. And in the process enjoy the goodness of handmade in India products, and support artisans through ethical sourcing and fair trade.

Please send me any thoughts, comments or feedback, I am always open to more ideas.   

I thank you immensely for your support. 

Namaste and with love,