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Divya | Bagru print Kaftan

Divya | Bagru print Kaftan

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From trendy to timeless, this Bagru print kaftan will never let you down! It's an absolute closet classic that is as effortless as it is fashionable. Light and breezy, it's got a cool, comfortable fit that'll keep you coming back for more! Throw it on for a fun, fuss-free look that won't quit!

BagruThe printing technique is known for its use of natural colors in black (Syahi), red (Begar), and brown shades. The colours come from jaggery, compost, plants and spices. 

Size: One size fits all. Our kaftans are universal size which means they flow with your body and they come with a tug at waist so you can pull in as much as you like 

Length: Short (covers waist and bottom) | Medium (up to knees) | Long (just above ankles). They are fully stitched down to the bottom on the sides from under the arms to keep your sides covered.

Great for: At home lounging, Beach wear, Out and about on a hot day, Day Function Dress

All our products are made with natural colours and natural fabric so they are easy on your skin and equally good for our planet. Hand block printed and sewn by artisans, they are sustainable, earth approved and ethically sourced.

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