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Duffel / Weekender Bag

Duffel / Weekender Bag

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Hand Block Printed and Padded Duffel Bag made with Sustainable Pure Cotton. With a Fully Lined interior, this bag boasts both quality and eco-friendliness. Its quilted design offers extra protection for your stuff, while the zipper closure keeps them secure on the go.

Size: At 28 cms Depth, 57 cms Width, and 33 cms Height, it has plenty of room for your essentials. With a side pocket for quick storage, it's perfect for your next journey! Don't forget to hand wash for long-lasting color.

Great for: Carry on Luggage on the plane (this is so light and strong - it will carry more than any other large size duffel without increasing your weight allowance), Weekend away, packing away baby items

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