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Krish | Khadi Men's Kurta | Collared Top

Krish | Khadi Men's Kurta | Collared Top

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Indulge in the premium craftsmanship of Indian artisans with this Khadi Men's Kurta. It is a timeless collared top, woven by hand using premium organic cotton and no electricity. 

Enjoy the natural and soft feel of the lightweight Khadi fabric. Breathable and smooth texture that resists wrinkles and folds for long-lasting comfort. (Read more about Khadi on our blog)

  • Khadi is all season fabric. Known for it's breathability, organic origins (100% Indian cotton) and craftsmanship, it makes our planet breathe too
  • Handwoven 100% Indian cotton
  • Stylish collared neck 
  • Great for: Summer wear, festive occasions, lounging 
  • Paired with: Jeans, cargo pants, shorts or Indian traditional pyjamas
  • Handwash or light machine wash without harsh chemicals  
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